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Dance Career and Travel. #ilovemyjob

Travel is my heartbeat, but dance is my bread and butter. Having lived, breathed, worked, and made my income from dance this past 20 years, I had the luck of transitioning my dance career into an international one. Once I discovered a balance between two career goals: Dance and Travel, I excitedly took my job and applied it to the world. From performing, to teaching, to mentoring, to intensive studies, teaching and performing globally has always been a career goal of mine. In 2013, I opened a home dance studio and happily (but nervously) boarded a plane to Europe to accept my first contracts to teach abroad. Working internationally was one of the best decisions of my life. I have learned so much about myself, and developed my profession into a career I am still proud to do.

As I end this year into 2018, I am happy to announce the two career dreams have branded into new venture! Combining our skills, my partner and husband, Al Archbold, who worked with me for the past 20 years and I have started a new business project. Al has been a semi-professional photographer most of his career and his artistic have hit social mainstream.

I am now free to share am now able to learn and immerse myself in the different dance styles and cultures from around the world. I love studying dance in other countries. My upcoming work trip to India includes dance classes in the itinerary, so I'm excited! It's always a plus to take a dance class where you teach dance! A passion that pays the bills! #ilovemyjob

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