AL & Zee

Our Story: Al and Zee met 23 years ago on a film set that Zee was working on. It was such an interesting, exciting connection and friendship from the start! The two got along so well and their life goals lined up so much that they made their journey official on 4/24/99, marrying in an international wedding celebration on the birthdate of Zee's beloved grandmother.


Al and Zee spent 3 weeks honeymooning in England and France and they have been traveling the world ever since! Starting January 2018, Al has taken his love of photography and Zee has taken her dance and teaching career abroad to continue their work. They now enjoy working remotely on Stamped From A to Z's travel blog, dance education, and social media, balancing extraordinary careers with travel and arts industry as digital nomads.

Our Travel Style: "Our travel style is a mix of modest-budget and luxurious. It’s important for us to get a “local feel” for a destination, so we often use home-rentals to find hidden gems in each country or city we visit. We both have a deep love for each other, our work, and also for travel. To be able to channel it into a business allows us the best of both worlds and the amazing experiences that come along with it." 

Our Specialty: Al and Zee enjoy focusing on Independent Couple Travel. They are cohesive and similar, yet very different. Al is reserved, yet surprisingly comedic. He loves making memories in each location we visit. He documents travel via video and photography and is a great influencer and promoter of hotels and airlines. Zee is spontaneous, independent and seeks out excitement in her travels. She will choose street food over a fancy restaurant and connects with locals for immersive experiences.  Zee also loves to share and review with her audience of her global experiences in an effort to promote independent travel. Both Al and Zee have a love for utilizing private tour guides, boutique hotels or AirBNB